Many people obsess over their entertainment kit. To some extent, I do too, but I'm generally unwilling to spend much money on it. For about 5 years I kept a 13" cheap-o-matic tube TV from Walmart because I couldn't bear to spend the money on a good one. It was hardly ideal, but it filled the need for the time.

In September of 2009, however, I bought a house. No longer was 13 inches enough. Downright pathetic, in fact. People laughed at me. Well, since I'm dropping the money on the house and appliances, I figured it was time to upgrade the entertainment as well. Not top-end by any measure, but a few leaps ahead of where I was.

Power Protection
APC BR700G Back-UPS Pro 700VA UPS, purchased from Amazon on 2015-12-25
It's my partially-informed opinion that people tend to skimp on power protection for most of their kit. If you go to Best Buy they'll happily sell you a $200 Monster surge strip for your home theater, but we all know that's garbage. I've opted to instead use the same protection I use for my computers: a good UPS. It's a bummer having to replace batteries every year or two and the whole unit every 3-5 refresh cycles but it's kept my equipment alive and I consider it worth the cost.
Sony STR-DN1000, purchased from Amazon on 2009-12-26
LG 47LB5900, purchased from BestBuy on 2014-08-13
Sony BDPS470 Blu-Ray Player, purchased from BestBuy
ChromeCast, 2nd Generation, purchased from Google
Yamaha KX-W321 Dual Cassette Deck, purchased from Amazon on 2010-01-04 (for some reason)
Klipsch Synergy Quintet III, purchased from Amazon on 2009-12-26
Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer, purchased from Amazon on 2010-01-08
I also have four in-ceiling speakers that were in the house when I bought it. They weren't installed correctly and don't work right as a result. I have two of them on the surround side channels and the other two aren't connected.
Universal Remote
Logitech Harmony 650, purchased at Best Buy
These save so much hassle and are an absolute joy to configure. Even though they don't support Linux, the user community has developed a toolchain for programming them.

I use MediaBridge HDMI cables everywhere. They're cheap and have never let me down.
My speakers are all run over 16AWG in-wall speaker wire -- in the walls, of course.
My TV feeds audio back into the receiver (for broadcast TV channels) via a TOSlink optical cable.

So... there you have it. I have a fairly extensive DVD and BluRay collection. I find it's generally not hard to entertain myself at home. I'll be sure to keep this page updated as I change the configuration or learn new things about it.