Last updated: 14 January 2012

I'm an amateur photographer. I like shooting landscapes, architecture, etc. I'm working on getting better at portraiture.

I shoot on a combination of equipment from digital to small and medium format film. I get that film is "on its way out" but I'm a sucker for classiness of it. I hope to develop a roll of film for the first time by the end of the month.

SLR Cameras and Lenses

TLR Cameras

Other Cameras


The Full Monty

Left to right, front to back: Nikon N75, Nikon D40, Minolta XG-1, Minolta XG-1(n), Mimaya 1000 DTL, Argus Seventy-five, Canon T50, Kodak Reflex II, Moskva-5


I primarily use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 for photo management and post processing. Digital photos go straight from my camera into Lightroom. Film gets scanned through the Epson TWAIN drivers directly into GIMP. Within GIMP I crop and rotate individual frames and save as 100% quality JPEGs. Those JPEGs are then run through PhotoME to add IPTC metadata, then imported into Lightroom.

I generate panoramas using Hugin. I export the individual images from Lightroom as full sized JPEGs, run them through Hugin, saving the resulting image as a JPEG which I then import back into Lightroom.


I quite like shooting film, as might be made obvious by all the film cameras I own.

Film stock:

I get all of my E-6 and most of my C-41 processing done at Epperson Photo and Video in Oklahoma City, as well as the majority of my prints. I will occasionally do some C-41 processing and print-making at CVS or Walgreens.

Comparison Chart

Features Links
Style Camera Sensor/Film Lens Mount Metering ISO Range Onboard Flash Hotshoe Shutter Speed Range (sec) Auto-focus Camerapedia Ken Rockwell Manual
SLR Canon EOS ELAN 7e 135 Film Canon EF Digital, +-2 stops in 1/2 steps 6-6400 Yes Yes 1/4000-30 Yes, 7 points X
Canon T50 135 Film Canon FD X
Mamiya 1000 DTL 135 Film M42 Analog, spot or average 25-3200 No No 1/1000-1 No X X
Minolta XG-1 135 Film Minolta MC/MD Digital, in auto mode only 25-1600 No Yes 1/1000-1 No X
Minolta XG-1(n) 135 Film Minolta MC/MD X
Nikon D40 6MP CCD Nikon F Digital, spot/matrix, +-2 stops in 1/3 steps 200-1600 Yes Yes 1/4000-30 Yes, 3 points X X Nikon
Nikon N75 135 Film Nikon F Yes, 5 points X
TLR Argus Seventy-Five 620 Film (6x6cm) Fixed 75mm No Any No No Fixed, unknown No, fixed focus X
Kodak Reflex II 620 Film (6x6cm) Fixed 80mm Anastar No Any No No No X
Folder Moskva-5 120 Film (6x6cm or 6x9cm) Fixed 105mm Momeht-24C No Any No No No X

To Do

I'd like to do more work with panoramas. The software makes it pretty easy so I don't see any reason not to.

I'm planning on getting more into portraiture. It's an easy way to make money and it doesn't seem all that difficult.

Wish list: